Separation of ground salts into smaller pieces is provided only milling machines. With our mobile crushers used underground, we are developing special designs for salt properties and your capacity. Sieve system provided by crusher ensures that salt is removed from soil..


  • Flexible and compact design makes it easy to operate in any area.
  • It has excellent crushing performance equipped with efficient cone crusher.
  • The optimized crushing cavity can significantly increase the crushing ratio and output.
  • It offers excellent production capacity, high reliability and easy maintenance features that significantly reduce production costs.
  • Adjusting breaking range makes it easy to control grain size and maintain a good particle shape.



Large fractional salts cut with continuous mineral are transported to the crusher by a bucket.


Scoops discharge salts into the feed tank of the crusher.


Continuous working crusher breaks down salts into small pieces by squeezing and blasting method.


The crushed salt pieces are transported to the ground with the conveyor.


After salt extraction, washing, refining, and dosing operations can be carried out according to the application areas.

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