Salt Production Line is an experienced company establish many salt production, salt washing, salt refining, and salt processing lines since 2000. Thanks to our expert team, we design the high quality and efficient salt production lines in accordance with the requirements of the customers according to characteristics of raw salt and facilities.

Our biggest difference is to provide more efficient and suitable products for the system needs because we design special production lines and work with our customers.


It is a product that has intensive usage in salt, road, chemical, food and livestock industries. Table salt covers only 6% of all areas of use. This is an important point in recognizing the width of salt usage area Since salt demand in the world is increasing by 10% every year, the salt market is a constantly expanding market.


Salt can be used as raw salt but also it can be obtained different products with washing, dosing, drying, compressing processes. The first point for preparing the salt for sale is the production of salt. Salt production is provided by sea, lake or rocks. Salt source determines machines to be used in the production facilities. Separate machines can be needed for each salt source.


Our primary goal is to ensure that salt is obtained in the most efficient way by using today's technologies. The efficiency of salt production is affected by many factors influence such as rock structure, crude salt content and climatic conditions. These factors need to be produced quickly with little energy in order not to reduce the efficiency. We offer our customers a profitable production process by making optimization studies for the best production of salt.

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